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  • Gold Touch USB 3.1 Type-C to 2 x USB Female and Micro USB Female OTG Adapter
  • Expand your phone or tablets functionality with this Micro USB Hub OTG adapter cable
  • Move files (pictures, music, videos) from your phone or tablet to flash drive
  • Connect a mouse, USB flash drive, digital Camera, keyboard or a game controller to your device
  • Add PC-like functionality to your Phone or Tablet
  • USB interface support USB devices such as USB flash disk, USB mouse, USB keyboard etc.
  • With a micro USB female interface, can connect with a power adapter and then charge USB flash disk, mouse, keyboard etc. (Do not support to recharge your mobile or tablet)
  • With dual USB interface, can connect two USB devices and working simultaneously.

USB Hub - Gold Touch - USB Type-C 3.1 to OTG

40.00 ₪Цена

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