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  • Y Addapter : included!
  • Enhanced Immersive Gaming Experience : With high precision, 50mm driver, this ps4 gaming headset delivers an incredibly 7.1 surround sound, brings your vivid sound field, shock feeling sound. Perfect for all games and music, you can easily make out the sound of enemies such as footsteps, gunfire.
  • Comfortable & Fashionable ps4 gaming Headset : Lightweight materials and Designed with adjustable headband and all-cover ear cups with soft memory foam, brings you superior comfortable wearing experience and ensures a stress-free long-term gaming session. Coming with a 2.25m cable, that’s long enough for you to activities freely while you are wearing it, for example lying on the couch.
  • Universal Compatibility : ONIKUMA K16 ps4 gaming headset with a 2-in-1 3.5mm audio jack is compatible with PC, PS4 controller, Xbox One controller, Nintendo Switch (audio), Nintendo New 3DS LL/3S (audio), sega genesis (Please note you need an extra Microsoft Adapter (Not Included) when connecting with an old version Xbox One controller.
  • High Noise Canceling Technology : This Xbox one gaming headphones is equipped with a sensitive microphone and adapted noise-canceling tech. It can effectively cut off the noise and provide you a clean & clear chat with your friends. And you can adjust the voice volume timely or turn off your mic by the voice controller on the cable.



Warranty : 6 months


Brand : Onikuma

Model : K16


Loudspeaker Size : 50mm

Sensitivity : 115 +/-3db

Microphone : 6.0*2.7mm

Impedance : 16O +/-15%

Cable Length : 2.2M +/-15%

Courtesy : Omi-directionele

Microphone Impedance : 2.2k

Frequency range : 20Hz-20 KHz

LED Power : DC5V

Microphone Sensitivity : -38 +/-3dB

Operating current : headset Jack: USB + 3.5mm

Color : RGB Light



  • Gaming Headset
  • Multilingual Guide
  • 1-2 3.5mm Jack adapter

Onikuma - K16 LED (Stereo)

99.00 ₪ Обычная цена
80.00 ₪Спеццена